Clara Le.

You asked to know more about me, so ...

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ebullient polymath

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I suffer from the polymath syndrome, meaning I have many interests and not one vocation. I get very enthusiastic about new projects and tend to try optimizing everything I do.

I have travelled and blogged a year in South-East Asia, launched my side-business Life Under Control, published a Street Art Guide and try to live as environmentally-friendly as I can.

Originally from Switzerland, I now live in Berlin with my partner Robin.

20 random facts

  1. I love cheese.
  2. Both my parents are Vietnamese.
  3. I try to slow travel and eat regional / seasonal food.
  4. Bouldering is the first sport I ever got addicted to.
  5. In 2018, I lived one year without a phone.
  6. I did a two-week tandem cycling trip in the Chianti region in Italy.
  7. I am a self-taught designer.
  8. Before a city trip, the first thing I search for are speciality coffee shops.
  9. My great-great grandfather—or was it my great-great-great-grandfather(?)—had four wives and more than twenty children.
  10. My favorite book is Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang.
  11. I studied business and information systems at university.
  12. I speak French, English, Vietnamese and broken German.
  13. I learned to play the ukulele while backpacking.
  14. Joining the improvisational theatre club at school was life-changing.
  15. I made my first sourdough starter in Berlin—his name is Heimlich.
  16. One day, I will certainly move out to the countryside.
  17. I am very bad with maps.
  18. I studied a year in Seoul, South-Korea.
  19. I have a bad case of impostor syndrome.
  20. I love cheese.

Oh, so you didn’t really care about all this stuff but just wanted to know more about this website? Okay sure, no hard feelings. No really.