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A list of Berlin things

A non-comprehensive list of things I'll miss from Berlin Published on thought

It's the last day of 2022, 5.40 AM, and I can't seem to sleep anymore. A lot of thoughts are going through my mind. Most of them relate to our move to France in less than a month. I won't dive into the list of logistical to-dos that is keeping me awake. I'll go the other way around and take a snapshot in time. A snapshot of our time spent in Berlin and the things I'll miss from here.

  • Our morning bouldering routine with friends, climbing at 7 AM and going to La Maison for pastries
  • The amazing Neapolitan pizza restaurants
  • Getting our weekly groceries from Herbie Unverpackt and chatting with Carmela
  • The extensive and delicious Turkish food offer in Neukölln
  • The Middle Eastern breakfasts on Sonnenallee
  • Being welcomed regulars at La Vineria, our local wine bar
  • Cycling everywhere
  • Sunny lunches and coffee breaks by the Landwehr canal
  • Playing chess or working at Geschwister Nothaft Café
  • Reliving the Southeast Asian food stall experience at the Thai Park
  • Cooling down in lakes in the summer
  • Being max. 15 minutes walk from everything we love
  • Weekend trips in Poland to eat pierogi
  • The strong and friendly bouldering culture
  • Beers and picnics at Tempelhofer Feld
  • The carefree pace of life
  • Playing table tennis in the streets on summer nights
  • Always discovering cool new places to eat and drink
  • The diverse mix of people playing pétanque in front of La Maison
  • The super spicy Sichuanese restaurants
  • Glühwein at Christmas markets
  • And all the precious friends we've made on the way

I have forgotten many things, for certain. But as my friend Max said: I am not crying, you are.


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