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Sicilian notes

A tiny note about our trip in Sicily Published on thought

A list of things noticed during our 2-week trip in Sicily:


  1. There is apparently a strong debate between West (arancina team) and East (arancino team) Sicily on how to call these delicious rice balls.

  2. Thinking of the panelle e crocchè sandwich that is made with bread, chickpea fritters and fried potato balls

  3. This feels weird to me, aren't natural reserves usually supposed to be protected from any kind of human impact?

  4. The Moor's heads are symbolic of Sicily. The story is about an impossible love between a Moor young woman and a man. Spoiler: She cuts his head and makes a vase with it when she learns that he is married with kids. #romantic #truelove

  5. The coolest ficus tree is in the Palermo botanical garden.

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