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#29 Time for a break

Update #29 Published on update

It's official: I am leaving my job of almost four years by the end of May. Many feelings are battling inside my head — excitement, anxiety (a lot of it), wonder, a bit of nostalgia.

I don't have clear-cut plans yet, but I would like these next few months to be free experimentation grounds. I want to learn new things — digital and not, to get dirty with my hands, to spend more time outdoors, to improve at crag climbing, to create more things from scratch, to preserve food, to kick-start personal projects1.

And by the start of 2024, the grand evil plan is to go on a long travelling journey again. Robin and I have loved making our (slow) way through Southeast Asia in 2018. The still-to-be-defined idea would be to do something similar — a big shock and dive into (an)other culture(s) for a sustained amount of time.

This week I learned scrape a simple web page with Node.js. Using a library, but that's fine, right? I used the Cheerio library and it was surprisingly easy to implement. All of that was to create my new Movies pages. I first wanted to simply use the Letterboxd API, but they don't seem to want to open its access yet. lead climb on a crag! What an exhilarating experience. I already knew the indoors lead climbing theory, but had never tried doing it outdoors — there are a few more technics to know in order not to die. Robin and I went to Mazet with our local climbing club. In the end, I climbed twice the same 6A+–6B with a break on the way. The next step is now to overcome my fear of falling...


  1. and completing my driving license (fingers crossed)

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