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Behind the scenes

  • I built this website with the Eleventy static site generator.
  • It is hosted on Cloudflare.
  • The code is publicly available on GitHub.
  • There is no tracking of any kind. Just fun!
  • This page uses a progressive enhancement approach (HTML and CSS first) for better accessibility and performance. Please get back to me if you notice any accessibility issue!
  • I am trying to reduce the ecological footprint of this website bit by bit, avoiding custom fonts and using media files in a mindful way.
  • My browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox and I only test this website on it. Sorry if it aesthetically breaks on anything else.
  • If you want to see the CO2 impact of this page, enable JavaScript to calculate it here.


I have a loose approach to creating and deleting pages on this website, so I'd understand if you get confused. Here's a look at the whole sitemap (not including the individual posts, or it would never end).