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#43 Fondues and digital storage

Update #43 Published on update

We are less than a week away from the Big Trip. Ok, that's not entirely true as we are going to stop in Switzerland for a week first — Christmas, yay! Anyway, who cares, it feels like everything starts in six days.

As we get closer to the deadline, we spend more time with friends, saying goodbyes, eating fondue[1]. The to-do list has also shrunk in half. Robin has spent considerable time working on our picture storage and our general digital storage.

About that: for the last few years, we had been keeping our pictures on Nextcloud Photos — a great open source alternative to Google Photos. This system has been working so far, but we realized that we didn't want to go on with it. First, it is inevitable that we will hit a storage limit soon enough. Second, our current internet connection in the countryside is really not cloud-friendly (for large files at least). Third, do we even need to have access to all of our pictures at any time, anywhere???

That third question made up our minds. We are going for a more low-tech approach:

  1. Keep the most recent pictures on our phones — crazy how much storage space there is on those small gadgets.

  2. Every few months, sort the pictures, only keeping a subselection. Upload everything on two separate hard drives (for backups).

It's decided then, we'll leave for our trip with a clean Nextcloud instance, phones taking good pictures and a portable hard drive for backups. ENDCHAR

  1. We managed to eat three fondues in the past week, and that wasn't even planned — surprising, I know. ↩︎

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