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#40 Brr

Update #40 Published on update

Winter is coming (brr)

Two days ago, I felt cold again for the first time since last winter. Just a few weeks ago, we were still burning under the sun; but now, summer feels like a long-forgotten memory. You should see me in the morning: wearing multiple layers, a scarf around the neck, warm socks and still feeling slightly cold.

Our house doesn't have any heating system except for a wood stove in the living room. And come on, it is actually warm inside — as in 20°C, we don't need to light a fire yet. (Do we???) I think my body might just need time to adjust — hopefully.

We went to a board game festival

A climbing friend (surprise) invited Robin and I to go to a local board game festival1. In the last few years, we have started to play a lot more, especially in board game cafés when traveling. Searching for board game cafés is actually on my to-do list whenever we discover a new city.

Back to the board game festival, we arrived close to the end of the event but were able to play a few new games.

I got a new phone

...or more like Robin got me one. He was doing some research for himself, and as I also needed a new phone3, we now have twin Samsung Galaxy S22 that we bought second-hand. A few things that convinced us to get that specific phone model is that:

  1. It takes excellent pictures (which we thought would be extra-nice for our coming trip).
  2. Since the S22 model, Samsung guarantees 4 years of software updates (which is great).
  3. It is affordable in second-hand and not too old (so chances are that I won't need to replace it for longer).
  4. ...and other things Robin probably thought about.

Other things I did


  1. Festival du Jeu de Société d'Ardèche, the sixth edition

  2. I am tempted to recreate something similar for ourselves. It would be a good opportunity to learn to use Inkscape.

  3. My Samsung Galaxy S7 was not supported by my bank app anymore. Ugh.

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