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Now archive #2

A snapshot in time Published on now

Now in Berlin for more than two years with my partner Robin.

I am actively working on not being blown away by the wind and rain, and getting used to waking up in the dark. I boulder two or three times a week with friends — usually at 7am before going for pastries together.

I am currently nurturing my very new digital garden. For once, I am trying to not over-complicate the process to make the habit easier to build.

As usual, I am reading sci-fi books. I finally started the Dune series after watching the recent movie by Villeneuve. I needed to know what happened next!

I planted an avocado seed a few months back and finally gave it a name (Sigmund). It is now 55 cm tall and not dying — yet.

Otherwise, I spend most of my free time typing and clicking away on my laptop, working full-time as a visual designer. ENDCHAR

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