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#9 New website for 2021

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Halo by Marina Dunbar
Halo by Marina Dunbar

Life peek: New website for 2021

I had an incredibly productive last week of the year, as I threw together my new website from scratch[1]. Having a clear and attainable goal really helped me speed learn through the basics of React. I realized that I actually do learn best by doing.

With Robin, we spent New Year's eve doing a number of adult things:

  1. having a fancy meal (homemade tagliatelle topped with this grated cheese)
  2. with wine (brought back from our cycling trip to the Chianti region)
  3. discussing our Year in Review (based on Schalfman's template)
  4. going to bed at 11.15pm

Read & Watched

Soul (movie, 2020)

We all agree that 2020 was pretty sad in terms of movie releases. Well, Pixar just saved the year by releasing Soul, an animated movie about passion, jazz, purpose and what it means to be alive. I just added it to my list of favorite Pixar movies of all time — just next to Coco (2017).[2]


Everything is closed in Berlin at the moment, except for restaurant takeouts, grocery stores and... bookstores. We decided to cycle to Dussman, a giant bookstore with an amazing English section. It couldn't be avoided, my antilibrary got quite a few additions.

Piranesi (2020)

As usual, I spent way too much time in the fantasy / sci-fi section. With its mythological, dreamy setup, Piranesi really reminded me of Circe by Madeline Miller — which I loved. This novel by Susanna Clarke will probably
not be in the antilibrary very long as I intend to read it very soon.

Children of Time (2015)

I know nothing about the author — Adrian Tchaikovsky, but I know I love smart sci-fi and space odysseys that dive into civilization building. I am adding it here for next time I will be in this kind of mood.


Tailwind CSS

Okay, this tool is definitely not new on the market. But as I only knew HTML and CSS so far, Tailwind CSS was a little revolution. It made the whole website building process a lot easier and beginner-friendly for me. ENDCHAR

  1. Or practically in my map of the world, as I used this Next.js starter. ↩︎

  2. I also watched the new DC release: WW84, but needed to close my eyes at times because it was just too cheesy to witness. ↩︎

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