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Here is my antilibrary, a.k.a. my always growing to-read list. When I figure out how to code it, this will also include other media (e.g. movies, articles, etc.).

100 things every designer needs to know about people
Universal principles of design
User Friendly
 | Book |  More infoof User Friendly
Refactoring UI
 | Book |  More infoof Refactoring UI
The Mind Illuminated
 | Book |  More infoof The Mind Illuminated
House of Leaves
 | Book |  More infoof House of Leaves
University Physics with Modern Physics
The Character of Physical Law
The First Three Minutes
 | Book |  More infoof The First Three Minutes
A Little History of Philosophy
 | Book |  More infoof Free
Four Thousand Weeks
 | Book |  More infoof Four Thousand Weeks
Hannah Arendt
 | Book |  More infoof Hannah Arendt
Breaking the Social Media Prism
The Dispossessed
 | Book |  More infoof The Dispossessed
 | Book |  More infoof Diaspora
 | Book |  More infoof Wanting
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
The Mountains Sing
 | Book |  More infoof The Mountains Sing
The Code Breaker
 | Book |  More infoof The Code Breaker
The Echo Wife
 | Book |  More infoof The Echo Wife
 | Book |  More infoof Later
A Murder Is Announced
 | Book |  More infoof A Murder Is Announced
Children of Time
 | Book |  More infoof Children of Time
The moon is a harsh mistress
Making Sense
 | Book |  More infoof Making Sense
Woke Racism
 | Book |  More infoof Woke Racism
Scout Mindset
 | Book |  More infoof Scout Mindset
The City We Became
 | Book |  More infoof The City We Became
The Mindbody Prescription
How to Change Your Mind
 | Book |  More infoof How to Change Your Mind
Classic Food of China
 | Book |  More infoof Classic Food of China
The Art of Fermentation
 | Book |  More infoof The Art of Fermentation
Generative Design
 | Book |  More infoof Generative Design
Parable of the Talents
 | Book |  More infoof Parable of the Talents
The Road
 | Book |  More infoof The Road