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Here is my antilibrary, a.k.a. my always growing to-read list. When I figure out how to code it, this will also include other media (e.g. movies, articles, etc.).

Emergency skin
 | Book |  More infoof Emergency skin
Hot Mess
 | Book |  More infoof Hot Mess
A short history of nearly everything
100 things every designer needs to know about people
Universal principles of design
User Friendly
 | Book |  More infoof User Friendly
Refactoring UI
 | Book |  More infoof Refactoring UI
The Mind Illuminated
 | Book |  More infoof The Mind Illuminated
House of Leaves
 | Book |  More infoof House of Leaves
University Physics with Modern Physics
The Character of Physical Law
The First Three Minutes
 | Book |  More infoof The First Three Minutes
A Little History of Philosophy
 | Book |  More infoof Free
Four Thousand Weeks
 | Book |  More infoof Four Thousand Weeks
Hannah Arendt
 | Book |  More infoof Hannah Arendt
Breaking the Social Media Prism
The Dispossessed
 | Book |  More infoof The Dispossessed
 | Book |  More infoof Diaspora
 | Book |  More infoof Wanting
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
The Mountains Sing
 | Book |  More infoof The Mountains Sing
The Code Breaker
 | Book |  More infoof The Code Breaker
The Echo Wife
 | Book |  More infoof The Echo Wife
 | Book |  More infoof Later
A Murder Is Announced
 | Book |  More infoof A Murder Is Announced
 | Book |  More infoof null
The moon is a harsh mistress
Making Sense
 | Book |  More infoof Making Sense
Woke Racism
 | Book |  More infoof Woke Racism
Scout Mindset
 | Book |  More infoof Scout Mindset
The City We Became
 | Book |  More infoof The City We Became
The Mindbody Prescription
How to Change Your Mind
 | Book |  More infoof How to Change Your Mind
Classic Food of China
 | Book |  More infoof Classic Food of China
The Art of Fermentation
 | Book |  More infoof The Art of Fermentation
Generative Design
 | Book |  More infoof Generative Design
Parable of the Talents
 | Book |  More infoof Parable of the Talents
The Road
 | Book |  More infoof The Road