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#36 Keeping up with the fruits and veggies

Update #36 Published on update

So, it's been a month since the last weeknote. I should rename these weeknotes into something like "updates" to feel less guilty anytime I skip writing these short entries.[1]

Well, you know what, it's done. Now, let's get started with the actual update.

Learning about fermentation

As you might have seen, I dove head first into the theory of fermentation. What a fascinating and magical world! I think I need to read a bit more about it to have a more structured understanding of it. But I already feel like I have learned a lot and built a good foundation from just that Wikipedia browsing afternoon. To be continued...

Building a bookshelf

Robin's parents came to visit a few weeks ago. We took advantage of Robin's father woodworking skills to build our bookshelf together. I love how it looks and am so happy to finally be able to store our books in a proper bookshelf[2]!

Learning Russian

So far, I managed to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. Robin and I took our first Russian lesson on italki with a Russian dude who speaks French fluently[3]. Our goal would be to have a basic understanding of Russian while traveling across Central Asia next year.

Keeping up with all these fruits and veggies

Summer is amazing for fruits and veggies here. We almost don't buy any extra vegetables at the market nowadays, as our garden is providing us with new zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, green beans (and more) every few days.

The only problem is that we tend to have a lot of a few produces — yep congrats, that's how seasonal veggies work, Clara. This really challenges my creativity, as I need to find diverse ways to eat the same vegetables every day.

The same is true with fruits, as we have a lot of plums from the garden. We also buy some extra peaches, apricots, and melons from local farmers. The duration of a fruit season is usually quite limited, so it feels a bit like "now or never".

I love this abundance. Having too much of these fruits and veggies lead me to discover zucchini soup, peach ice tea, zucchini terrine, tomato and zucchini tarte tatin, gaspacho, fruit clafoutis, and more.

Otherwise, I'm thinking of redesigning my website (once again). I am getting bored of this minimalist black and white style. And — let's be honest — I just want to redesign it because it's fun.

Until next time! ENDCHAR

  1. And honestly, who cares beside me anyway? ↩︎

  2. They hadn't moved from their cardboard boxes since our arrival in February — shame on us. ↩︎

  3. I am so impressed with these people who fluently speak multiple languages. I am usually not too bad in the classroom, but cannot remember any of these new language skills long term. ↩︎

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