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#24 Playing with games and typography

Update #24 Published on update

Berlin, 2014 by Magnus Hagdorn
Berlin, 2014 by Magnus Hagdorn

Life peek

On Sunday, I went bouldering again after six weeks of not moving much. I had hurt my ankle on one of our bouldering-pastries morning days. My ankle range of movement, strength, and balance are still limited, but I try to do some targeted exercises to help it heal faster[1]. Back to the bouldering session, I was very careful to not do any move I was not completely in control of. It is a bit frustrating to be climbing super easy routes only, but feel like my body is not ready for more.

Even though we still have a lot to do before our move, our days are packed with social events and activities. It feels like we only have a few days left to take with us as much of Berlin as we can.

Ten days left before the move

Read & Watched

Mommy (2014)

By Xavier Dolan

This movie was — and was not — on my watch list for some time. Simply by looking at the poster, you know that the Mommy is going to be disturbing on some level. I finally watched it last week, and indeed, it was disturbing. However, I wasn't expecting it to also feel touching and wholesome. It made me feel a lot and I would definitely recommend it!

John Wick (2014)

By Chad Stahelski

Aaah, the John Wick franchise! I am not sure how I managed to never watch such a big blockbuster. I was in need of some light entertainment. So, Robin and I watched the first three movies last week. It was everything I thought it would be. Action-packed, not very smart, very entertaining. Plus, it stars some puppies and a network of assassins who all know each other's on a first name basis.


Return to Monkey Island

A point-and-click adventure game

Most of the things I discover or get into are usually introduced to me by Robin. This game is no exception to this rule. He played the first two pixelated games that came out in 1990 and 1991. More than thirty years later, the original creator, Ron Gilbert is teaming up with designers to create a gorgeous new addition to the Monkey Island series. This point-and-click adventure is full of quirky dialogues and fun puzzles to solve. It had been a while I hadn't enjoyed a game that much!

Keep talking and nobody explodes

A party game

Yesterday, we met with some friends for dinner (pizza) and fun activities. We discovered Keep talking and nobody explodes. In this collaborative party game, you need to solve puzzles to deactivate a bomb. The only problem is that you control the bomb, your friends have the instructions to defuse it, and you cannot see each other's parts of the game. In short, they'll have to talk you through the instructions fast if you don't want the bomb to explode!

It is a super fun game, but very intense and stress-inducing as well. I don't think I could play it for too long or with too many people at once.

Chris Burnell's styleguide

A personal website styleguide

I stumbled on Chris Burnell's website while browsing the IndieWeb ring (once again). And one thing I love from it is his personal website styleguide. I really like the concept and will definitely try to make one for my website!


A responsive CSS approach

I discovered Utopia through a link on Chris Burnell's styleguide. I haven't had time to dive into it properly, but I already like what I saw so far.

Through CSS variables and calculations, they created a way to design responsive websites without the use of media-queries. I like how systematic and simple the concept is — the calculations are hard on the eye though. Once reviewed properly, I will see if I want to adapt my website to this kind of system.


To make a font

As explained in details in this post, yes, I made my first font last week! ENDCHAR

  1. I now feel like an ankle sprain expert after reading so much about it. ↩︎

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