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Words I'm growing suspicious of

Ranting (in a list format) Published on thought

The other day, I stumbled upon the website of company XYZ. And once again, I got frustrated at their use of superlatives. So, I started a list of words.

Some words were included because they are too big, overused, overselling. Others, because they are often selling a behavior that I think is just a bit... off. All in all, it's just a list of terms that I grew suspicious of for various reasons.

  • streamlining
  • seamless
  • AI
  • personal branding
  • mission
  • pioneering
  • SEO
  • engagement / impressions
  • smart [insert object name]
  • terms and conditions
  • productivity
  • empowering
  • self development
  • environmental friendly
  • zero waste
  • carbon neutral / offsets
  • sustainable growth

(This list is still WIP.) Anyway. ENDCHAR

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