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Now archive #5

A snapshot in time Published on now

I am based in Berlin since 3+ years and working as a UX designer. (And if everything goes to plan, soon moving to the countryside in France).

Outside of work, you'll find me bouldering[1] religiously and sharing morning pastries with friends in any kind of weather.

A few side-projects:

  • Going through a wine tasting project with Robin consisting of trying 73 different wines.
  • Learning about UX and updating my UX living notes accordingly
  • Nurturing my planner shop Life Under Control
  • Participating in my first D&D campaign. My character is a dragonborn who is on a personal cooking quest.
  • Working on my own Figma wireframing library — because why not. ENDCHAR

  1. My home gym is BoulderKlub :) ↩︎

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