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My ongoing travel cooking wishlist

A list of recipes I want to try Published on thought

I love cooking. Or at least, I love experimenting with new things in the kitchen. As we have been traveling since December 2023, I miss my kitchen lab even more. (So many delicious discoveries that I would like to reproduce!)

I am reigning in my impatience and postponing these experiments to later. In the meantime, here is my ongoing travel cooking wishlist — updated as we go.


  • Ayran: cold savory yogurt-based beverage
  • Barbunya: beans in tomato sauce (love the version with a lot of tomato paste for a richer result)
  • Çig köfte: fresh bulgur-based wrap, great for summer


  • Yakhni: beef stew with walnuts (the sauce!)
  • Badrijani nigzvit: baked eggplants filled with walnuts and spices
  • Pkhali: chopped and minced vegetables and combined with ground walnuts, vinegar, onions, garlic, and herbs
  • Lobio: hearty red bean stew with walnuts, herbs and spices
  • Chirbuli: similar to shakshuka but with walnuts
  • Tkemali: sour plum sauce (great for grilled meat)


  • Aveluk: wild sorrel salad
  • Kharcho: beef, tomato and rice soup


  • Plov: one-pot saffron-flavored rice with dried fruits (made it in Baku and it came out amazing)
  • Shirin chörek: sweet turmeric milk bread, crumbly biscuity texture
  • Dovga: yoghurt soup with rice, chickpeas and herbs

Central Asia

  • Solyanka: thick and sour soup, with cured meats and pickles, originally Russian
  • Kuksi: koryo-saram noodle soup that can be eaten hot or cold (super refreshing)
  • Qurt: dried goat or sheep cheese balls, hard, salty and long-lasting
  • Sesame honey bars: crunchy, nutty (perfect snack for long train rides)


  • La mian (拉面): hand-pulled noodles because yum
  • Mapo tofu (麻婆豆腐): super spicy silk tofu from the Sichuan region
  • Laocang vinegar rice noodle (老仓米线): noodle soup with ground sesame and vinegar
  • Tea: small tea pot that you refill with hot water and pour into another recipient to avoid steeping the leaves for too long (love the mindful process, perfect for conversation)


  • Chanh tuyết: ice blended lemonade with milk (add lemon zest for extra deliciousness)
  • Cà phê muối: bitter black coffee topped with a thick layer of salted whipped cream
  • Bánh cuốn: rice steamed rolls filled with meat and mushrooms (fav breakfast)
  • Hủ tiếu: noodle soup with a sweet broth made from pork bones, onion, daikon, and dried shrimp
  • Bún thịt nướng: refreshing bowl of rice noodle, grilled meat, sweet and sour carrots, cucumber, herbs (so easy to prep-ahead)
  • Xôi: sticky rice served with sides, perfect for breakfast (love it with mung beans and peanuts)


  • Laksa: noodle soup with curry and fish
  • Tea-based gelato: not my first tea-based ice cream, but Malays take it to another level (Matcha, Hojicha, Earl Grey, and many more!)
  • Ayam masak merah: "red-cooked chicken", chicken braised in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce (amazing with cheese naan)


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