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Last homage to my old website

A toast to all lost websites Published on thought

I realized that I change my website more often than I go shopping. I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing.

Even if he says otherwise, that's because of Robin. He recently came up with brut, his own static site generator, as an answer to existing generators lack of simplicity and stability.

For a noob coder like me, trying to keep up with Next.js constant breaking changes was draining. It made my personal website feel like a chore to maintain.

So as soon as the alpha version of brut was out, I proceeded to remake my entire website based on it. I took this opportunity to simplify the UI and focus on accessibility. For my blog posts, I also moved away from my customized MDX files towards simpler Markdown files. This was to make sure any future transitions I wanted to make[1] would be as seamless as possible.

Even though, my last website was terribly non-accessible, I did like it. So as a tribute to it, before it forever disappears in the that-was-my-website graveyard of the World Wide Web, I toast to it one last time:

Screenshot of the homepage

Screenshot of the movies page

Screenshot of the recipes page

Screenshot of the menu overlay

Screenshot of a blog post

  1. As we all know this new website will only last until the next redesign craze comes around. ↩︎

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