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#6 Bringing home some old records

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Christmas Music animated illustration by Maria Scherlies
Christmas Music animated illustration by Maria Scherlies

Life peek: Books and records

This last week, I was super excited to finally receive the Data Visualization Handbook that I ordered from a Finnish university. I have just started it, but have already taken a few notes that might enter my Zettelkasten. On a side note, the book itself is gorgeous with a very smart layout. I am really enjoying it so far!

There are always heaps of "zu verschenken" cardboard boxes in the Berlin streets. Some contain treasures, while others are just useless things people leave on the sidewalk when moving out. On Saturday, Robin and I stumbled upon one box full of old vinyl records. They were mostly classical music — which is not our go-to genre — but we still took a few records home. Our plan for the next few weeks: broaden our knowledge of classical music.

Read & Watched

The Polymath Playbook

I had this article on my to-read list for quite some time, but only got to
it this week. I read it in parallel with The definition of a polymath by the
same author and realized that I tend to be more of a scholar than a
polymath — learning as an end goal, instead of applying this new knowledge in
real life. One quote that stuck with me:

The best place to start? That thing you secretly want to do.

The Untouchables (movie, 1987)

I have been revisiting classics this last week — or more like first time visiting them. After The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, I travelled back to the prohibition in Chicago. The photography of The Untouchables from De Palma is spectacular — you could definitely frame most shots.



I currently use Foam and Obsidian for my Zettelkasten. They both work great on desktop, but I was missing a mobile solution to record fleeting thoughts and notes on the fly. GitJournal is an open-source note-taking app that syncs with the Git repository of your choice.


I'm barely keeping up in most conversations — I think that's my learning style?

— Brandon Toner on Twitter


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