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#46 Three thousand kilometers

Update #46 Published on update

This is day 35 of our Silk Road journey. Looking at our itinerary, we have covered approximately half the distance from France to China — hard to believe.

We are currently in Tbilisi (Georgia). If I drew a straight line from here to my home in France, it would equal 3270 km![1]

A piece of good news: we were able to receive our Chinese visa in Yerevan (Armenia). Until just a few weeks ago, we were not sure that our China plan would work at all.

Thankfully, we stumbled upon the Caravanistan forum, a.k.a. THE hub for all world travelers. That's where we found out (from other people experiences) that the consulate in Yerevan was a bit looser with the "residence" regulation. And unexpected bonus, our visas will only expire in six months, so we have plenty of time to travel to China.

In a nutshell, this means that we can happily slow down our traveling pace. We'll try to stay longer in different locations, get a sense of the place and see if we want to go through faster or slower.

The second half of this journey might be quite different from the first. Let's see what it brings. ENDCHAR

  1. This stretch of traveling on land unfortunately stops here, as we will need to fly into Baku in a week. The land borders of Azerbaijan are all closed since COVID and show no sign of opening anytime soon. ↩︎

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