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#41 Chestnut time

Update #41 Published on update

I'll keep this update short as we have many guests at home at the moment. Robin's parents, brother and aunt are visiting us just at the right time: chestnut season!

In the last week:

  • We gathered and roasted so many chestnuts! We discovered that there are many different varieties that all have their specificities. To look into.
  • The castagnades — or chestnut festivals — have started in the neighboring villages. We went to the one in Joyeuse, stumbled upon some winemaker friends, ate a lot of chestnut-themed dishes and had fun!
  • We did a lot of end-of-summer tasks in the garden: we strengthened the compost container, removed the dying tomato plants and started to prep some of the terraces for next year.
  • We picked up several baskets of walnuts to dry.
  • We finally started to crack the dried walnuts from last year.
  • We finished watching the second season of Our Flag Means Death, a hilarious pirate-themed tv series. ENDCHAR

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