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#32 On the train to Sicily

Update #32 Published on update

Just like the last weeknote, I am writing from a long train ride. My days and mind are so busy lately, that it seems to be the only extended length of time I have with "nothing" going on. Nothing is actually not very accurate, as these long travels always come with a decent amount of stress, fatigue and attention-grabbing things.

Anyway, Robin and I just left Berlin yesterday after spending a little under one week at Jillian and Connor's place. Our first night there was both very familiar and completely foreign. We have surprisingly gotten used to our new countryside pace in just a few months.

Our short Berlin trip was also synonymous with our last week of work. By quitting, I know — or anxiously wish(?) — that I am making the right decision, but I still feel sad to leave this team that shared my daily life for the last few years.

Oh wait, the train is getting on the ferry(!) to Sicily. I'll go have a walk on the deck and come back to these thoughts.

Wow, we actually just learned that the Etna just erupted less than an hour ago. We tried to see the smoke, but are not sure we could distinguish it among the other clouds.

There is such a special atmosphere in the air: the grey cloudy sky, the dark opaque and ink-like sea, the fresh breeze. It feels a bit like the ominous start of an apocalyptic movie.

Hopefully, we'll still be able to eat some good Sicilian food in that post-apocalytic story. ENDCHAR

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