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#23 Galette des rois and IndieWeb nuggets

Update #23 Published on update

Northern French style galette des rois
Who needs artwork when a galette des rois looks like this?

Life peek

Once Christmas and New Year are over, there is still one good thing left: la galette des rois, or the king cake. We got a mini-one from one of our favorite bakeries, and Robin got the fève this time (a cute tiny porcelain cow).

As we are getting closer to our moving date, it feels like our days are packed with things to do and think of. Everything is also a lot more emotional. Each encounter with friends or trip to a well-known bar feels like it might be the last one.

20 days left before the move

Read & Watched

The lost city (2022)

By the Nee brothers

So, as it often is, we were in the mood for a light and entertaining movie. The lost city was all of that, plus extra dumb as well. It was perfect. It stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in a romantic comedy-adventure. The movie doesn't take itself seriously and is just what you need after a long day of work. Also, did you know that there are three series and three other movies called exactly The lost city as well?[1]

Aftersun (2022)

By Charlotte Wells

On the other extreme of the spectrum, there is Aftersun. What a wonderful debut by director Charlotte Wells! There is so much to love in this movie. To begin with, the cast is incredible. The father-daughter relationship is beautifully depicted, the emotions are hinted at, without being shoved at you. The use of vintage camera imagery is brilliant. This is a movie you might want to rewatch to uncover all the details Wells left there for us.


I am not a hundred-pinned-tabs kind of person. I don't really know why, it just doesn't happen for me.[2] These last few days, I consciously pinned websites I had stumbled on. If I like the process, this might be one of my new ways to nurture this Discovered section.

Blogroll by Ray

On Ray's website

I love how old websites used to have a blogroll page. For someone who had no digital life at that time, it feels like it might have been a wonderful way to browse the web. This blogroll page is just that. Ray's curated bookmarked links, shared with the world.

Cool things people do with their blogs

A Brain Baking's article

I am not really sure how I stumbled upon this article anymore. I didn't know about Brain Baking at all (and still haven't had time to explore it further), but I saw this specific article and really love the idea of it. Once again, it is a list, but a list of cool things people do with their personal blogs / websites.


A Neocities personal website

Talking about personal websites, I just love how different and original this one is! Actually, when you dive a bit more into the websites generated with Neocities, you'll realize most of them are super special and personal. Let's get away from marketing design and experiences when creating our own spaces on the internet!

Plot generator

On Big Huge Thesaurus

I was searching for a synonym and I discovered this website... 5 minutes ago. And what a delight to discover that they have a plot generator! The page basically generates new story ideas every time you reload it.

A deranged pharmacist flies home.

A naval officer comes to town.

A senator meets a strange homeless woman in Australia.

A cursed child must escape from an evil wizard in a lifeless desert.

A sick child is kidnapped.

Rival baseball coaches take a wrong turn after they die.


  1. Wikipedia source ↩︎

  2. Maybe I get stressed out when having too many pinned tabs? ↩︎

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