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#18 Friendsgiving and D&D

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Man and goose by Max Hodlevskyi
Man and goose by Max Hodlevskyi

Life peek

On Saturday, I was part of my first ever Friendsgiving[1]. In Europe, Thanksgiving is just this remote Christmas-like event that you only see in movies, so I didn't really know what to expect. In short, my American (obviously) friend took upon herself to organize the most incredible homemade menu I have ever seen on a dinner table. We had everything that you can expect for Thanksgiving, even a goose — couldn't find a Turkey—that we named Larry (David) Goose. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by close friends in a city where I have only lived for a couple of years.

On Sunday, we started a new D&D mini-campaign! It is my second one only, so it feels very exciting to play a new race, class, and personality. I am playing a Tiefling Rogue and already love all the special powers that come just from the race.[2]

Read & Watched

The Truffle Hunters (2020)

The Truffle Hunters is an Italian documentary film following a group of old men hunting truffles with their dogs. The shots are incredibly beautiful — they are staged, yet very authentic. The documentary shows the decline of truffle hunting, but doesn't make a clear argument as to which "side" it roots for. I would definitely recommend it if you want to witness an emotional and bittersweet slice of life.

Werewolf by night (2022)

So... I am into Marvel. During the first lockdown, Robin and I proceeded to watch all the MCU movies in an order that made sense plot-wise. Now that we are up to speed, we just cannot miss a new Marvel movie anymore. More often than not, those movies will be bad *cough* Black Widow *cough*. But even the bad ones add a new puzzle piece to the entire MCU universe.

Werewolf by night is a short-ish movie (53 minutes) that came out this year. I found the plot quite straightforward, but I did love the black and white, very Hitchcock-like rendition. If you want to have a short but entertaining evening, I can only recommend it!


To make a green bean casserole

For my friend's Thanksgiving dinner, I prepared a green bean casserole — even though I had never tried one and didn't know what it was supposed to taste like.

Reading through the recipe, it looked simple enough and surprisingly close to... a green bean grâtin? I guess that might just be my French upbringing lense distortion, but the recipe felt a lot more approachable once I made this connection in my mind. I would definitely try to make more of these veggie-heavy casseroles / grâtins in the future! ENDCHAR

  1. I also, just discovered that Friendsgiving is apparently a word. ↩︎

  2. Trying to intimidate a baddie with advantage by using my loud voice boomed up 3 times — done. ↩︎

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