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#17 Back on tracks

Update #17 Published on update

Bouldering illustration by Karolin Chen
Bouldering illustration by Karolin Chen

Oh my, oh my. So I kind of took the decision to stop these weeknotes more than a year ago. Nowadays, I am slowly feeling the need to come back to them. I remember that they sometimes felt like chores, but they also helped to anchor me in the present. Well, in any case, I am giving this habit a second (or third/fourth?) chance. I'll keep on calling them "weeknotes" even though I am not really expecting to follow a strict schedule.

Life peek

These last few weeks have been getting colder in Berlin. Tonight, we are expecting the temperature to drop under 0 °C. When we went bouldering this morning, we could see a thin layer of snow on cars and terrace tables. My routine of going bouldering in the early morning with friends, followed by pastries at La Maison[1], is still one of my great highlights. It will probably be the thing I'll miss the most when we'll move out of Berlin next February.

Otherwise, I finally completed my first ever D&D campaign last weekend — what an epilogue! I learned a lot, and we are ready to kick start the next campaign straight away. I still need to think about my character, but am excited to try to get inside the head of someone new.

Read & Watched

Lives of the Mayfair Witches (1990)

What a ride! I finally finished reading this supernatural horror trilogy of +2000 pages. Honestly, I don't know how I did it. It was half fascinating, half disturbing. In the end, I wouldn't even particularly recommend it (the disturbing parts were too much for me). However, once you are caught up in the story, you cannot really stop as you need to know what happens next.

Adieu Bohème (2017)

Adieu Bohème is a beautiful short-film that will leave you awed. As the film comes to an end, you realize that it was shot and broadcast live from the 6th basement of the Bastille Opera House. Outstanding and surreal performance.


To make some Italian-approved carbonara

A few weeks ago, we invited over some Italian friends for a wine-tasting and carbonara-making session. It was super fun to see them argue over the technicalities of making this very simple — oh but so controversial — dish. This is more or less the recipe we followed — even though they definitely didn't need a recipe.

To lead-climb

Last weekend, Robin and I completed our lead climbing course at Magic Mountain. It is actually not that complicated, but we did learn a number of safety habits that we'll need to integrate in the long term. The weight difference between Robin and I (about 40 kg) was also totally fine, as we learned to use the Ohm that was made for this specific reason. We'll go back to lead climbing by ourselves on Monday to keep practicing. ENDCHAR

  1. Amazing French bakery in Berlin with a super nice staff ↩︎

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