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#12 Culinary experiments

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Breakfast by Essi Kimpimäki
Breakfast by Essi Kimpimäki

Life peek: Culinary experiments

I love trying out new recipes — especially the ones that are about creating things that you usually buy. This week, I baked some sourdough croissants. For a first time, it wasn't too bad: not airy, but not dense either, a bit too buttery, but so satisfying. Robin and I had some plain croissants for breakfast, but we also tried a grilled cheese version which was deliciously decadent.

Another recipe I tried this week are those vegetarian Polish cabbage rolls. It is not easy finding out winter dishes that are seasonal and that make me excited. These rolls did the job perfectly.

They also exist in Germany as Kohlrouladen, but I stumbled upon the vegetarian Polish version first.

Read & Watched

Crazy Rich Asians (movie, 2018)

A light rom com that gives just what you are expecting from it. It is cheesy, overacted, but very entertaining. (And you just have to love Awkwafina.)

Blade Runner (movie, 1982)

I finally watched this classic that wonderfully depicts the year 2019: dark and polluted, people from all nationalities mixing, not one dominant language, strong Japanese video game feel. Human-like and life-like androids are a thing. People still have retro haircuts and clothes — of course. I loved the strong vibrations of the soundtrack. Tonight, we are watching the 2049 edition.



Musixmatch is another one of these tools that have been lying around forever and that I just discovered recently. It connects with your Spotify account and shows you the synced song lyrics. We have already had a few spontaneous karaokes and I love it.

Five Books

I discovered Five Books through Dunlop's interview about Chinese food books. The concept is amazing: asking experts to recommend five books in their subject. The result is a curated list of very good books in any fields you can think of.


Bier ist so viel mehr als nur ein Frühstücksgetränk.

— Kiezbalkon in Friedrichshain, Berlin


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