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#8 Remote Christmas

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Present yoga illustration by Olga Semklo
Present yoga illustration by Olga Semklo

Life peek: Christmas via Skype

Christmas is an important event in my family, even though no one is Christian. It has always been a pretext to have a large family gathering with good food — and when I was younger — presents.

This year, we weren't able to meet in person because of the pandemic. Instead, we had a video conference dinner party. In total: four cameras and thirteen people, all eating and talking at the same time. Needless to say, it was a hectic and noisy event.

Yet, I felt at home in the middle of this chaos. Remote or not, the atmosphere was comparable to the one of our usual family reunions: heart-warming, frenetic, sometimes boring, but mostly fun.

Read & Watched

The Murderbot Diaries (books, 2017)

The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells have a "Deadpool meets The Martian" vibes. Created by the Company, Murderbot is a conscious (and self-conscious) machine that managed to hack itself to become free. It could have taken revenge on humans but chose instead to binge-watch hours of TV series. Who said sci-fi had to be serious?



The IndieWeb is a movement that Robin introduced me to a few months ago. The concept is to take control of your content and be able to connect with others without using silos — centralized for profit websites. This last week, I finally acted on that knowledge and started to create my "IndieWeb friendly" website in Next.js. I am pretty excited by this project and will tell you more about it in the next issue 📪


Excalidraw makes it easy to create amazing-looking sketches in your browser. Draw a diagram or write your love message directly on the board before sharing your unique link with whomever you want. ENDCHAR

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