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#33 Post-Sicily

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Our first trip to Sicily came to an end yesterday, as we took a 13-hour ferry from Palermo (Sicily) to Cagliari (Sardinia). The two last weeks in Sicily were full of discoveries. We are bringing back home some new recipes — caponata, pasta alla Trapanese, panelle, pistacchio pesto — and also many bottles of local specialties1.

Another thing I am bringing back home is inspiration from people I've met and things I've seen on the way:

Even though we will only be home in a few days2, it already feels like the end of a vacation. I am both anxious and excited to be back in our little Ardèche corner.

I am looking forward to seeing friends, climbing, cooking, and gardening again. I am however a bit anxious about being jobless for real and having days full of nothing planned for the first time in years. In the end, I guess it all comes down to taking responsibility for how I choose to spend my days and how I live my life.3


  1. alcoholic ones, that is

  2. We are crossing Sardinia to get a ferry to France in three days.

  3. Ugh, I definitely need to learn to take the pressure off.

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