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#10 On obsessions

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Meh print by Ryan Putnam
Meh print by Ryan Putnam

Life peek: On obsessions

Since the last week of December, I have been obsessively working on my website. Being pretty new to coding, I am always discovering exciting things to try out in this new playground.

The downside is when the obsession gets out of control. It is not uncommon that I stay up until late in the evening building a non-essential feature.

Feeling excited to work on my website is good. The problem is that it replaces other things that I deem important: thinking, reading, cooking, writing, AFK time.

In the coming week, I will set up a few healthy habit trackers. I have — unsuccessfully — done so countless times in the past. The difference this time is that it will be public to keep me accountable.

Until next week for more info!

Read & Watched

Maniac (miniseries, 2018)

I am pretty picky in terms of series and it is not unusual for me to stop one a few episodes in. Maniac hooked me from the start. In two words, I would describe it as retro futuristic. It was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and I just love his attention to detail.


Straw Dogs (2003)

Straw Dogs by the English philosopher John Gray challenged Norbauer's view on pretty much everything. The book is a critique of philosophical humanism.

Recommended by Ryan Norbauer in Dense Discovery



This website simulates the reading experience of a person with dyslexia. The letters seem to jump around. I think that it looks a bit too extreme — first and last letters of a long word swapping, but it is an important reminder of how different our experiences of the world can be.


HTTP status codes give us all the vocab to talk about dating

300 multiple choices, 303 see other, 400 bad request, 404 not found, 408 request timeout, 409 conflict, 410 gone, 412 precondition failed, 413 request entity too large, 417 expectation failed, 500 internal server error

— Tatiana Mac


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