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Ditching weekly reviews

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It’s been two months since my last monthly review and almost three weeks since my last weekly review. Here are my excuses.

For the last month, something else has been taking most of my mind space: the intense flat search and moving adventure we are in right now.

Another reason is that I feel my current weekly review format is not truly meaningful. It doesn’t have enough immediate positive impact in my life. These weekly posts currently take too much effort to write for a limited long term result.

Feeling a bit stuck and needing inspiration, I did as I usually do in these situations. I simply asked Robin what he was doing on his side.

And unsurprisingly, I decided to completely restructure the way I was doing things.

The new formats

First, I am ditching the public weekly reviews for some private ones that should be more impactful (following the Plus—Minus—Next format).

Second, I will keep the public monthly reviews. They will be similar to what my old weekly reviews used to be, but you will find more content, habit and project reviews in them.

I am not sure how these decisions will stick, but I am also quite excited to try out this new format.