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#18 On My Mind

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Weekly Review #18: flat search, flat search, flat search

Life Peek: Flat Search Craziness

A bit more than two weeks ago, we decided to move. Since then, we have been doing almost nothing except for flat hunting. It was intense. The real estate market in Berlin is completely crazy—the city is known to have very high rents compared to the salaries.

After a mountain of messages and a few phone calls, we finally received a positive answer for a flat we really liked! The apartment is just 20 minutes walk from our current place. Moving date is planned for May but I’m already looking at furniture.


... that cooking is a relief mechanism for me. When all my mental space was taken over by the flat search and I just needed a break, cooking something new (or slightly complicated) actually helped. I think it might be because it gave me a step-by-step recipe to follow, something to focus on. There was also the excitement of having something special to eat at the end of the process.

A move to a flat with a bigger kitchen seems like it was a good one.