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#17 We decided to move

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Weekly Review #17: big decisions, new game idea and ravioli making

Life Peek: We decided to move!

I’m late writing this weekly review, as Robin and I had a lot on our mind these last few days.

First, we decided to move out from our flat in Kreuzkölln. It is quite small but it is also very cozy with an amazing location. The decision was not easy to make, but we just really wanted to finally have a bigger—proper—kitchen for our cooking experiments.

Second, we have spent the last two evenings completely engrossed in the online escape games by Planet Experience (in French). So far, we have completed the first two chapters—and needed at least a few hours for each of them. These online treasure hunts really inspired us to make our own. Stay tuned for a beta version very soon!

Read & Watched

Every evening of this last week, Robin and I had a ritual of reading out loud a few chapters from this classic book of English literature.

I obviously loved listening to Robin impersonating the different characters. But what surprised me most is how much I actually enjoyed reading it out loud myself. C. S. Lewis is by all means a great writer. Children’s books or not, we are hooked.

This is the kind of book that might very much change my life. Well... not overnight, as it calls for actions for these changes to take place.

ter Kuile encourages us to bring back some meaning into our lives. Without any religious talk, he dives into multiple different rituals and traditions that have been embraced around the world for centuries. Your contemporary self might discover that at the heart of these practices there is something to learn—a way of connecting with yourself, others or nature.


To make some ravioli

On Sunday, Robin and I journeyed deeper into the pasta world by making some homemade mushroom ravioli! I won’t go into too many details except that they were delicious—especially with some Chianti Classico red wine. Here is the recipe.